The four-gospel reading challenge



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With this plan, you will experience an amazing blessing of gospel immersion by reading through the four gospels in 24 days. It will take about 20 minutes a day to thoughtfully read 3-4 chapters.  After each reading, take a few minutes to process what you’ve read.


Create a journal where you can make a few observations and action points after each reading.  Consider these questions as you reflect; feel free to make your responses as brief or in-depth as you’d like:


1.     From your reading today, what significant observation(s) did you have about Jesus?.

2.     Based off this observation, what is one action point you can take?


 Share your observation and the action(s) you plan to take from your reading with someone in your life each day. (You can share this with someone else who has accepted the gospel reading challenge, a family member, friend or a total stranger)


After you have completed your reading of an entire gospel, make your entry a summary of what you have observed about Jesus in your reading of this gospel, and any action(s) you feel compelled to take in your life.


When you have finished reading all four gospels, take a moment to write out the big takeaways from what you have observed about Jesus’ life having taken in all four gospel accounts of Jesus’ life.  Then write a personal action plan about the way you want to live having focused on Jesus’ life for the past 24 days.

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Day 22                                 November 20                          John 13-15

Day 23                                 November 21                          John 16-18

Day 24                                 November 22                          John 19-21


Check out this video to get an overview of the Gospel of John:

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Day 15                                 November 13                          Luke 9-12

Day 16                                 November 14                          Luke 13-16

Day 17                                 November 15                          Luke 17-20

Day 18                                 November 16                          Luke 21-24

Day 19                                 November 17                          John 1-4

Day 20                                November 18                          John 5-8

Day 21                                 November 19                          John 9-12


Check out this video to get an overview of the Gospel of Luke:

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Day 8                                   November 6                            Mark 1-3

Day 9                                   November 7                            Mark 4-7

Day 10                                 November 8                            Mark 8-10

Day 11                                  November 9                            Mark 11-13

Day 12                                 November 10                           Mark 14-16

Day 13                                 November 11                            Luke 1-4

Day 14                                 November 12                           Luke 5-8


Check out this video to get an overview of the Gospel of Mark:

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Day 1                                  October 30                              Matthew 1-4

Day 2                                  October 31                              Matthew 5-8

Day 3                                  November 1                            Matthew 9-11

Day 4                                  November 2                            Matthew 12-15

Day 5                                  November 3                            Matthew 16-19

Day 6                                  November 4                            Matthew 20-23

Day 7                                  November 5                            Matthew 24-28


Check out this video to get an overview of the Gospel of Matthew:


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